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As long I'm on the subject of Hattie's Hat flomax 0.4mg pills $178.00, I might as well give a quick shout out to Max, Jeff, Kyla and the other folks at Hattie's [flomax 0.4mg pills $178.00] Hat for putting on such great event there tonight. [caption id="attachment_829" align="aligncenter" width="415" caption="Jeff and Rusty at the Hattie's Hoot for Haiti"][/caption] In , I talked about Ballard and how the Senior Circuit seemed like it was increasingly fighting an uphill struggle for survival against the changes going on in the neighborhood. But I must say, tonight was that older Ballard scene at its finest. Tons of great musicians playing a few songs each in the back room of the bar, Rusty Urie spinning vinyl in the front. Joanna Hoyt Heidi Park, and their friends selling raffle tickets. It looks like they had raised over $3000 for Red Cross assistance to the victims of the hurricane. Flomax 0.4mg pills $178.00 sadly, i don't have any pictures. But I will say that Fred Speakman brought flomax 0.4mg pills $178.00 the house down with an only somewhat comical medley of "Aqualung" and "Suite for Judy Blue Eyes. " Hattie's had started to feel a little moribund that last 4-5 years, but it seems like a little reboot may be in progress. That's good to see, as it is a very long running establishment and deserves to keep going strong.

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