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The Internet can be very strange. It can also be very sad. Yesterday, I received a calendar alert in my e-mail inbox informing me that today is the birthday of Yancy Noll. In and of itself that wasn't strange. Windows calendar sends those alerts out all salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $238.00 the time for various friends of mine. The thing is, I don't know Yancy Noll. The only reason I know his name is because he was was shot dead in his car on September 3, 2012. .  .

I think Noll would have been 44 today. Google indicates that people thought he was a good, kind-hearted dude. It also indicates that he was a wine steward at the Broadway QFC. I guess he must have been a work buddy of another friend of mine who also worked in the wine department there. Probably, Noll ended up in my address book because we were both included on some group e-mail from that buddy. Salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $238.00 so perhaps i did meet yancy once or twice, maybe at my buddy's bachelor party or at his wedding. Or maybe he sold me wine His birthday must have gotten on my calendar because he included it as part of his hotmail or Windows live profile. (Memo to self and everyone else: Make sure you know what those privacy settings mean on your web services. Otherwise salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $238.00, who knows where your birthday alerts will go?) In any event, while I didn't really know Yancy, I wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to any of my friends who did know and love him and honor him on his birthday. He left this world way too soon under very unfortunate circumstances. [salmeterol 25mcg inhaler $238.00] At the end of the day, it's cold comfort, but let's hope his killer is brought to justice. Update December 11, 2014 @11:54 PM PST: The verdict in the Yancy Noll murder trial just came in. .

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