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Back in the 1980s, Jeff Calder played in a band called the ". " The band built a regional following verapamil 240mg pills $253.00 in the southeast, and eventually spent some time on a major label. After [verapamil 240mg pills $253.00] the band was dropped, Calder wrote an essay about the experience for Atlanta's alt-weekly, Creative Loafing. He titled it  ". " Throughout the essay, Calder refers to the music business as the "Fog Machine. "  He likens it to an “impenetrable fog, a place where nobody really knows where they are going or what they are doing, a place where confusion generally reigns supreme, and things happen that seemingly defy logic (yet in hindsight fit into a set of patterns that is distressingly logical). ” Calder nails it. Appearances can be deceiving. People who seem to know a lot often don’t. People who seem ignorant sometimes know quite a bit (they just aren’t telling anyone). An aura of unreality surrounds just about everything. Verapamil 240mg pills $253.00 and nobody wants to be exposed as a fraud. But ultimately, everyone faces the same reality. The market is fickle. Things change constantly verapamil 240mg pills $253.00, while always staying kind of the same. And it’s easy to feel like a fraud sometimes, as you fumble around in the fog. So don’t let insecurity stop you from getting out there and doing it, even if you feel like you don’t always know what you’re doing. Trust me, you’re in good company.

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